New Google Phone Releasing in January 2010

15 12 2009

Google Company has confirmed to make their gadget, Google Phone, for technology lovers. They are looking for its carriers and talking to many companies about it. They plan to release it in January 2010 with Google-Branding. The wining company will be responsible for this new phone design, functions and features with innovations. They will discuss all specifications with that company and go for designing it. News is heard that they are going to use Android OS-design applications on it, so it may not be wrong to call it Google-branded Android Phone.

We hear that Google Phone is coming with Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. Snapdragon is ARM-based processor which holds 1GHz to be used in smartphones. It is supposed to have wide screen (may be more than 4 inches diagonally) with high resolution and touch sensitive functions. Though these specifications are not enough to know this new gadget, but it captures a picture of coming handset. Full features and specification list is being waited to be announced by Google. May be this deal goes to aka or Nexus One, but whoever is the maker, it is going to be a mind-blowing handset.

This handset is capturing the attention of people from the day of announcement. You will be able to see this gadget available in Google store to buy online. May be it costs $200 which does not matter so much for gadget lovers who look for something innovative and difference. I just hope Google will find their carrier soon to work on this project and entertain people with their new gadget.




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