Google Introducing Chrome OS From 2010

16 12 2009

World’s most popular Google & Co. has now announced to introduce Google Chrome OS from the second half of 2010. It is really exciting news for those who are already familiar with Google Chrome browser as their default search medium. Already there are more than 30 million people who use Google Chrome. After Firefox, IE and Safari, it has been the most used web browser favorite to people.

According to a report surveyed in December, Google Chrome is rapidly increasing with its users worldwide. The reasons for this growth are its advanced features like website task management, visual histories, history management for every individual browser, faster speed, user friendly interface and many more things which the users may be looking for. Google Chrome also holds ability to re-open the tabs which you had accidently canceled. These features made the Google Chrome favorite to users so fast and they anxiously wait for the Chrome OS to be launched so that they can also enjoy its features along with Chrome browser.

Chrome OS is an operating system that will provide you with faster speed and results, with simple and very secure computing system. This operating system will be more favorable to those who work most of the time on internet, with greater speed results, security and privacy. It will be available to download from internet from 2010 for every user.

Some of the highlights of Chrome OS are as following:

  1. The entire work goes on in the browser as all applications are web applications.
  2. It does not hold conventional desktop application.
  3. You do not need to install, manage or update any of its programs.
  4. Google Chrome OS will be containing all your applications within security to stop viruses to attack your system and avoid security risks.
  5. When you start computer, Chrome OS will verify the integrity of its codes depending upon itself.
  6. This OS is without all un-necessary features to run the computer in greater speed and process in seconds.
  7. Due to faster speed, it can optimize many operations and perform multi-tasks in a parallel time.
  8. It is Linux-based operating system which can run better on specifically designed hardware.
  9. Entire applications and interface assemble to the Chrome browser in operating.
  10. When you get installed Google Chrome OS, it will be the only application on your computer and you can not install any additional applications to run on it.

There is still a lot of work to do on Chrome OS and also it is in process. May be when it gets launched, it holds more innovative features than defined now. It will really give Google community a fastest and clean computing experience. They will love to be engaged with this great development by Google with its excellent functions specially made for web-based workers.




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