Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 Coming Before 2010

23 12 2009

Mozilla FireFox is my default web browser for my daily work and activities on internet. I found it stable to reliable enough for me.

Mozilla FireFox always continued to make developments, innovations and favorable features along with fixing the bugs reported. After updates of FireFox 3.6 Beta 4 released in November, Mozilla has now released FireFox 3.6 Beta 5 with more than 100 fixes. Some bugs were found in the last update of Beta 4 which Beta 5 has fixed all. Not only this, it included more features with new look.

From the list of fixes, an important and most required feature that got fixed is its safe browsing. Mozilla FireFox 3.5 Beta 5 is able to make sure that you are not on a phishing site. This fix has made the users feel more secure while browsing through FireFox. Absolutely this feature may beat the Chrome.

The other features and fixes for Mozilla FireFox 3.6 Beta 5 include it fastest results, security, reliability, appearance, faster JavaScript performance, improved loading time for applications and many more. The new FireFox 3.6 helps you live on the edge and peer into the future. Hopefully it will not let the users have crashes in their time while using it.

Already FireFox is on the top most used web browser. According to a survey made recently, FireFox is the second most used internet browser worldwide. It is not wrong to say that over 125 million people use FireFox already. It is absolutely right that its new look will attract more users for their primary browser. Its new deployments and incremental features are making it more favorable to the users officially and personally. Mozilla is continued with its program to make user-friendly innovations and they are receiving good feedbacks for it.

They have done a lot but still there is more to do. Users will be able to download it directly form the site of Mozilla till the end of 2009 which means there are only a few days left for it. I hope that Mozilla will complete its testing soon and FireFox 3.6 Beta 5 will appear for the users within the deadline.




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