Mozilla Announced FireFox in Nokia N900

26 12 2009

Mozilla announced good news for the FireFox users who enjoy the FireFox features on their desktop. Now they can find on their handset.

I am also one of those 24.7% users who have FireFox browser as their primary web browser. This is the second most used web browser of the world and the only real competitor of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Nokia already has big market share among the mobile manufacturing companies and they keep introducing innovative features in their handsets. By default FireFox availability on Nokia N900 really means important and big news for both the FireFox and Nokia users. This gadget is going to be called “FireFox Mobile” rightly which is coming in the Nokia smartphone tablet.

It will let the users enjoy tabbed internet browsing on their handset just like they can on their desktop. Not only this, users will also be able to synchronize their personal data nd bookmark their favorite web pages right through their handset screens.

Jay Sulvian who is handler of this project, told the BBC that currently it is going through the testing and will be released soon for the end users. Also he said, “It encrypts all of the information and sends it back through the cloud between your desktop and mobile.” Jay Sulvian also told the Apple as “pretty closed platform” which shows that they are not going to make this contract with them in future, and it is really disappointing news for Apple.

I hope this innovation will gain good market share with its users.




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