Apple Tablet Computer Coming Soon

6 01 2010

We have been hearing the launching of Apple Tablet Computer from the year 2009. But there was no finalized news from the Apple Inc. if it is rumor or a fact that they are going to release a Tablet Computer. But now the Tablet Computer is confirmed. It has been a long-awaited product of Apple ever which users waited anxiously for. It has been in the top news and discussions even before the launching. It is expected that they will began shipping it from March 2010, though it is not finalized yet.

This amazing product of Apple Inc. is expected to be small hand-held device of around 10 inches with touch screen functions. It is going to be a powerful multimedia portable device which you can carry with you anywhere. You can enjoy music, movies, TV shows, games, graphics, web surfing, e-book reading and many more. Detailed specifications will be known only after Apple unveils.

It is heard that Apple has rented San Francisco venue for January 27 to unveil this major product. They are going to announce Tablet in this great event. But nobody knows if it is going to be held really on January 27 or it is another rumor.

Like past year 2009, the iPhone and New iMac have been on the top news of hot gadgets and still we talk about those products by Apple. No doubt the year 2010 is going to be a year of Apple Tablet Computer as we see the festiveness of Tablet Computer. But let’s see when it comes to the hands of users and rumors turn into real.



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