ZOMM, First Wireless Leash to Your Cell Phone

14 01 2010

ZOMM was unveiled in CES 2010 . This is small but very useful gadget to those who are prone to leaving their expensive cell phone behind or do not come to notice their phone ringing. Sometimes a little negligence causes the loss of your expensive handset.

The main concept is designed by Laurie and her husband Henry, who always faced the complaints of their kids and friends of their lost mobile phones.

ZOMM simply works programming it with your cell phone’s Bluetooth. Keep the setting on “Nugget” or “Receiver” and attach it somewhere on your body, dress or keychain. If you leave your phone behind and start walking away, it alerts you with its flashing lights. These flash lights are the sign that you have gone out of the specific range from your mobile. If you don’t notice these alert and keep on walking away, it starts beeping with sound. This not only useful for the people with forgetful habit for mobile but also works great in case your mobile is stolen.

It does not only the guardian of your mobile but you can also answer calls through it as it is capable to work as a speakerphone of your handset.  It is expected to come with a panic button on it using which you can use to call emergency assistance from anywhere in world.

In the global Consumer Electronic Show, it earned great appreciation and award. This wireless leash of your precious handset can save you forgetting it behind when you go outside. ZOMM is coming later this year and the expected price is $80 (US).




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