Do You Want a Phone Like Nokia 888 in Future?

16 01 2010

With the everyday developments and innovations breaking in the field of technology, everything is possible which we could ever dream for. Every new technology in handheld gadgets entertains the users more with its modern features, specially the youngsters.

Nokia claims to think about the future of its users. Nokia has planned a new mobile especially for youngsters. Its feature will make your eyes wide open! It’s a handheld, personal communication device which is more than communication and fun. Nokia’s goal through this device is to provide more featured, modern technology to the youngsters who always move from one place to other and love to do different things.

Though full phone specification is not yet known but I can tell you the features which are more than enough to make you astonished. It is fully touch sensitive, flat but flexible device. It is capable to understand the environment and adjust its shape accordingly. It is programmable with anything you want it to be, for any situation. You can carry it in your pocket, wrap around your wrist, attach to your dress, roll it or bend it to change form and put in your bag. Isn’t it fun that you can re-form it as you want? The more interesting thing about Nokia 888 is, you don’t need to learn it, but it will learn you to fit you best.

It turns its shapes according to environment which you can also customize. You can set any form or e-Motion to any function you feel perfect. No phone before Nokia 888 had e-Motion feature. Even you can send and receive e-Motions to other 888 users. If you send a dance e-Motion to your friend, when your friend will receive it, his/her Nokia 888 will move to dance. If you send a heart shape to your friend, your friend’s Nokia 888 will turn into heart shape on receiving it. Not only this, it can be your best assistant gadget for your whole day activities. It is just done by a finger touch!

It is ready to inspire you more when it is announced to be available in market. It is not wrong to title it as “The Phone of Future for Youngsters”. The perfect form does not exist, but you make its form your follow your choice.




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