Sony SD Memory Card

26 01 2010

Sony unwrapped the SD Memory Cards in CES 2010 with a strong capacity to store and transfer high quality and high resolution images, videos, sounds and many other applications. These cards can be used with your digital devices additionally to hold more data on those.

This 2GB Card of 24 x 32 x 2.1 mm has usable capacity of 1.8 GB. It works with only 2.7V-3.6V of voltage and recognizes English, French and Spanish languages. Company offers one year of service support for 2GB SD Card.

Feature highlights of Sony SD Memory Card includes that it can be used compatibly with several digital products. You can use it either with digital camera, camcorders, MP3 players or even computer. It can hold your digital contents safely. It is a perfect solution to store and transfer your digital data from one device to another. It does not only hold the still images but also the animations that help you to create animated slide show for your digital contents. Sony 2GB SD Card offers another feature that is File Rescue Software. It assists you recovering the files which you remove accidently.



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