Facebook Redesigned its Look on 6th Anniversary

6 02 2010

Facebook brought its new look on its 6th anniversary. Users of Facebook experienced it with a new redesigned look with more effectiveness from February 4, 2010. Its new interface emphasizes more on the easy search and many more features.

Facebook has already changed its home design in the past but its recent new innovation in design is especially to focus the easier interface for the users. Users can find everything they may be looking for in a convenient way. Rather than just emphasizing the visual interface, it also promises now to navigate around the popular global social networking sites.

Some highlights of the changed look of Facebook are described here. Its menus on top and left hand side are changed in look that makes it easier to see the notification icon. Chat link is now modified to add on the left side of page. It helps to let you know instantly when your friends come online or go offline. A dashboard link is added to Facebook redesigned look which is linked to games and other entertainment applications. In other words it is a news stream to keep you updated about the popular Facebook game applications, like Farnville. You can customize the updates and alerts from different applications of Facebook according to your desire like never before.

Facebook plans to introduce the innovative changed design with a few users initially and later on they will make it rolled out with all Facebook members. Some members have got it already and others will be approach it shortly.




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