Valentine’s Day Romantic Gadget Gift Ideas

11 02 2010

Valentines Day is coming quickly and you may be making plans how to make this holiday as beautiful and memorable as possible, so that it leaves the sweet memories to smile with. On this special day, a pretty gift would make you more close to the heart of your loved one. Gift are obviously a way to enhance the true care feelings in each other’s hearts. Valentine’s Day gifts mostly come in red and pink colors.

Here you can find beautiful gift ideas for this Valentines Day for the people you love. Have a look.

Heart Key Lock USB Drive

This is definitely a beautiful Valentine gift idea. It can be worn like a necklace but in fact it holds a USB drive in it. USB inside the necklace holds 2GB of data storage capacity. It will really let your loved one keep the data close to their heart!!

But unfortunately it is available in Japan market only. You can buy it online.

Heart Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp and Pen Holder

This is an awesome looking small size USB gadget that holds a heart shape. It works as a pen holder, LED light and audio speaker simultaneously. It runs by connecting with your computer or laptop and when you play music from your system, speakers play quality music sounds. It has On/Off button with speakers that are built-in with this pretty gadget. It is available in white and pink color at price of $13.99 only.

Heart Shaped USB Web Cam

Your loved one may have web cam already, but this heart shaped beautiful web cam will make them feel special for you. It stands on a holder and you can be rotated up and down. This USB 2.0 compliant camera gives 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second of resolution that promises high quality picture. It also holds LED light to enhance the quality of your picture. It can be either hanged on your screen or placed on a plain surface. It is available in red and blue colors at price of $22 only.

My Beating Heart Pillow

It is a unique, stylish and awesome Valentine gift idea for someone special. This is a soft, tender squishy and comfortable beat producing pillow like gadget. It beats really like a human heart. This Beating Heart Pillow technically helps to synchronize with your own heart beat slowly. When it is hugged, it starts beating that lasts for 20 minutes. It works with 9v battery and is washable. It is available in different colors like white, pink, green, red in 2 different sizes at the price of $35 and $120.

Heart Shaped Flash MP3 Player

This is the best Valentine’s gift idea really for the dedicated lovers. You will love it if you love music. This MP3 Player is in heart shape that is broken into two faces. This is not only the way to present a beautiful gift but also share you sensation with someone special. Heart Shaped Flash MP3 player holds control buttons. It is available n China market in red color at price of $55 only.




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