M-Edge Kindle Waterproof Case

16 02 2010

Usually people feel afraid to take their gadgets near water. But now it is safe to take the gadgets into water. Wondering how?

M-Edge has introduced case for laptop and other electronic gadgets/devices. Company has recently unveiled a new case for Amazon Kindle that allows the users to take it into water. This case is called Guardian. It works really like a guardian of your device when it is in water.

Guardian is a safe and waterproof case for the device with a watertight seal around Kindle. Guardian is designed to float on the water surface that allows it to be retrieved easily when user leaves it in water. This feature also allows the user hand-free operating of device as they don’t need to hold in their hand while it is placed on water surface. Even in the case, the buttons and navigations perform accurate for its flexible waterproof seal that keep the buttons working and clock the water entering into the case. You can take it 1 meter deep in the water but not more than that.

This case is going to be shipped from the spring of 2010 with different colors. Price is not yet defined by M-Edge.




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