Physical QWERTY Keyboard for Touch-Screen Devices

17 02 2010

You may not desire to use the touch-technology of your gadgets on their touch-screen. Touch-screen on a mobile seems no less than a trouble when you have a lot of text messages and emails to reply, or you are a frequent user of mobile expecting the faster response. Also on a tablet computer, when you have to type some long documents, but your fingers are not willing to dance on touch-screen for long. Also the touch-technology may lead to the unwanted results when you are not well-familiar with all of its mechanism.

For the solution to this problem, Mobience has announced a new keyboard, smallQWERTY. This is the first physical keyboard for almost all kind of touch-screen devices like iPhone, iPad, tablet computers and e-readers. smallQWERTY is a small wireless and portable keyboard that provides full QWERTY keyboard support to the user for their daily activities on their gadget. You can hold it in your hand and type directly on your device screen.

It is really a remarkable innovation of keyboards. Soon when all devices and gadgets will turn into a touch-technology screen, it may make the people revolt at the gadgets who don’t like touch-screens. So, the smallQWERTY keyboard makes convenience for users to experience faster and consistent control over their gadgets. Mobience has not yet confirmed when smallQWERTY is coming into existence to share the market, but it is expected to gain popularity among the people who like their gadget but don’t like its touch-technology input mechanism.




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