Quasi Toy Robot at International Toy Fair

18 02 2010

Quasi is toy robot displayed at the International Toy Fair 2010. You can not pass through the Quasi without getting a smile on your face. Quasi can make different facial expressions and body movements like human. It can open and close its eyes that are decorated with upper and lower eye lids and lashes that can be raised. Eyebrows movement is also controlled with a motor.

It is wirelessly controlled robot and it is controlled through a tablet computer. You can make it move and express in any way with a control over commands you give it from tablet computer. It follows your commands in everything from the facial expressions to speech.

Quasi is better explained and enjoyed on seeing this video. Yeah..it loves to dance. Quasi has not any pre-recorded speech but it speaks and behaves live with facial features and gestures. It can change the color of its eyes that is controlled by the tablet PC. Its eyes contain LED lighting fixtures of red, green and blue colors.

Toy Fair is held every year and the purpose behind this show is to introduce and exhibit innovative technology toys with affordable approach for our dear kids and Quasi is one of those innovations. It born in 2006 but came to appearance in 2010 at International Toy Fair, New York America.



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