Multi-Tab Power Strip, A Concept Design Product

1 03 2010

Why not to get rid of the trouble to pull out the plugs of your electronics when it results in a little fire while plugging out? It usually happens when you want to remove the plug of TV before you go to sleep or you want to change an inserted plug. Sometimes you feel it horrible and don’t dare to touch the cables.

Multi-Tab Power Strip can be a best solution for this issue. Tab Power Strip is a concept product design to survey the needs of consumers and collects views about this product. You can find here the details of this concept design product also a video to make the concept clear.

It has different tabs of equal size to join with each other. You can make a strip as long as you require depending on the electronics you want to run on it. Each tab has a label to indicate for which gadget/electronic you are going to use it for. You can either use sticker label to indicate or simply write on top of it. When you want to unplug a specific gadget/electronic, you just need to touch the tab and it will unplug it. Labels make it easy for you to know which plug is supplying power to which electronic and you don’t need to toggle out wires with threat of fire. Unplugging a single wire does not restrict the power supply to other tabs and it remains working. You can easily customize the number of tabs by adding the strip.

If it weren’t a concept design product, I would be first to buy this valuable Multi-Tab Power Strip. But unfortunately it is not yet designed to exist in market.



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