The Beamz Interactive Music System

3 03 2010

During this CES, I heard about a musical instrument called Beamz Interactive Music System, but it skipped from my view as I could not get enough information about it. Now I am going to describe this innovative and high featured musical instrument.

Beamz Interactive Music System is the first kind of musical instrument of its kind. It is very simple to learn as people of any age, even with less or no practice can learn to operate this instrument easily. This instrument is very easy to create and play music. Each beam represents a different musical instrument. Different waves of sound and music are created when you stop the path of laser beam. So you simply make your hands dance in the path of laser beams and it creates music. Isn’t it amazing?

Beamz Interactive Music Instrument System works by connecting with your computer through USB port. You don’t need to be skilled in music to play with this instrument. You just install it with simple software and get ready to create music.

It is capable to play sounds of more than 100 musical instrument and variations. It also holds 30 Beamz Songs that are originally created with Beamz Interactive Music Instrument. System requirement for Beamz are Window 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows Vista (32bit) or Windows XP operating systems. You can also use Beamz program to open your MIDI, WAV and MP3 files.

A complete set of each Beamz Interactive Music Instrument System includes the instrument, Beamz player installation software, USB cable, Beamz music CDs, quick start guide and a DVD instructional video. Complete set system is available at price of $199.95.




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