Adesso Slim Touch Pro, Wireless Keyboard with a Difference

5 03 2010

Adesso unveils another wireless keyboard, Adesso Slim Touch Pro.  It is completely a wireless keyboard that can be added as additional keyboard with your system that means you can have more than one wireless keyboard in a room with different systems. This is the specialty of Adesso Slim Touch Pro that it is given a unique wireless id that prevents it to conflict with other wireless keyboard in same room. In this way, it solved a big issue of wireless keyboards without any interface.

Adesso Slim Touch Pro takes 2.4GHz RF Smartlink with a unique wireless id. It contains 12 auto-changeable channels and linked with computer. It holds a power button on it that allows the quick way to connect and disconnect the keyboard with system without delaying response. This smart keyboard is supported by a 2 AA battery that provides it power.

Wireless Slim Touch Pro does not only provide the wireless support to input data to computer, but it also carries some dedicated hotkeys. The dedicated keys help to switch between and move in menus and applications such as Home, Scroll up, Scroll down, Back, Forward for internet applications and Play/Pause, Stop, Previous track, Next Track, Volume up, Volume down and Mute for multimedia applications. Moreover, it has hotkeys for computer that function for My Computer, Search and Sleep.

Adesso Slim Touch Pro is really a smart and slim device to enhance your style of computing. It is available in black color at price of $119.99.




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6 03 2010
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