HandShoe Mouse, A Good Ergonomic Option

6 03 2010

Mouse is a device that is most frequently used when you are working on your computer. You would love to have a mouse with your computer using which you feel comfortable and it works faster. HandShoe Mouse is specially designed for the people who want to experience computing with much more comfort and excellent functionality.

HandShoe Mouse uses less force on your hands and fingers and provides unusual grip on your mouse in more natural way. Unlike the traditional mouse designs, you don’t need to keep your palm and wrist stiffish. Its unique design fully supports the user and prevents the wrist injury that a traditional mouse leaves when you use it for long hours. Its comfortable shape can also keep you calm from pain in muscles of hands, arms and neck after long hour exertion with mouse.

HandShoe Mouse are available wired and wireless. They come in three different sizes:

  • Small – 170 mm
  • Medium – 170 to 190 mm
  • Large – 190 to 210 mm

Users can choose any of these according to their suitability. They can fit in your right hand just like a glove. Some highlights of HandShoe Mouse are as follows:

  1. You don’t need to hold on to it. It supports a comfortable grip by itself.
  2. It provides support to your full hand including fingers, thumb, palm and wrist in a relaxed position.
  3. It prevents the frictions between your skin and desktop surface. In this way, it prevents the wrist and thump injury and muscle stretch.
  4. It increases your performance speed making you less tired as compared to traditional mouse designs.
  5. It looks like a piece of modern art that enhances your desktop beauty.
  6. It takes less effort to float and you can perform mouse operations by less moving your hand and fingers. In this way, it takes less space on your desktop.

HandShoe Mouse can be used with your computer running Windows MAC, OS 9 or OS X/Unix. It is a Plug & Play device like a traditional mouse. Company is producing right-hand designs but left-hand designs can also be ordered for the same shape, but they may cost up to four times the price of right-hand designs. It comes in red, black and white colors that look awesome. Moreover, black color version comes in two categories, plain black and BlueRay Track. Price range for HandShoe Mouse by versions is:

  • USB – $99
  • Wireless – $119
  • BlueRay USB – $109
  • BlueRay Wireless – $129



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