Xtand Go Grips Your iPhone While Traveling

9 03 2010

There may be a chance while driving a car when you keep your iPhone with you, a little crash can cause your iPhone fiddle away. Xtand Go is a solution to this problem when you are driving a car.

Xtand Go is a small well-built device that you can use to dock your iPhone to the windscreen or the dashboard of your car while you drive. It does not only protect your phone by holding it in strong grip but also enhances your style by adding a new iPhone accessory right at your driving seat. So it can be called a good combination of fashion and a valuable accessory.

This device is useful to keep an active eye on your phone while driving and it maintains good access to the side control buttons. It is flexible enough to rotate the phone vertical/horizontal easily and easy to adjust in any setting. Instead of a plastic lever to control the suction cup of device, it comes with a screw collar design to attach it to a surface. That screw collar is also flexible one. Xtand Go can not only be used to grip 3GS/3G iPhone but equally useful to clip other smartphones, PDA phones, PND etc securely. It holds most flexible mounting system that makes it perfect for traveling. It is available for $39.95 at company’s online stores.




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