Samsung R1 and R0 Portable MP3 Players

11 03 2010

Samsung Electronic Company of America has just unveiled two new portable media players, the R1 and R0. These were publically displayed at Samsung Experience, The Time Warner Center located at New York, America.

R1 and R0 generate output of high quality multimedia content while optimizing your memory space in best suited way. Both these media players have innovative features and functionality. R1 is even smaller than the credit card size and capable to play videos. It does not need to convert in some specific file format before running. The R0 media player also delivers valuable audio and video output at very reasonable and affordable value.

R1 comes with touch responsive and clear TFT LCD screen with 2.4 inches of size. It supports drag and drop feature that makes the video and audio playing more enjoyable and easier. You put a command just by a single swap of your finger. R1 plays video, sounds and photos for up to 50 hours duration without dropping response. Though it is very small in size that you can keep in pocket easily, but still it is capable to run FM Radio, voice recording and Bluetooth wireless connectivity with handsets. It comes with 8GB and 16 GB of memory spaces which are extendable.

R0 comes with LCD display of 2.6 inches. It generates more clear and bright experience with audio and video files. It holds tectile keys that make the navigation easier. R0 can play video up to 6 hours and audio up to 30 hours which is really remarkable. By default it uses 8GB and 16 GB memory space but you can also expand memory by using additional Micro SD card slots. It comes in black, silver and pink colors.

Samsung has announced the availability and price for their MP3 media players. The awesome R1 and R0 will be available from April 2010 with the following price range:

  • R1 (8GB) – $149.99
  • R1 (16GB) – $179.99
  • R0 (8GB) – $99.99
  • R0 (16GB) – $129.99



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