Chinavasion G182 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

16 03 2010

Did you ever think of a robot vacuum cleaner? The latest Chinavasion G182 is a robot vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi enabled camera.

This cool gadget, Robot Vacuum Cleaner holds Wi-Fi enables IP camera and microphone with it. It holds 360 degree pan and tilt IP camera design. Its onboard mic can be installed easily, software CD is provided with it for this purpose. It is operated with a software application that comes with it in CD and it’s very simple for everyone to handle and operate it if they learn the software application program. It is easy to understand and user-friendly.

The G182 Vacuum Cleaner by Chinavasion can detect the wall or other hindrance coming in its way. A virtual infrared is provided with it. This virtual infrared emits waves that alert the sensor of the robot that there is a wall ahead. On detecting a hindrance ahead, it does not move further. This feature saves the robot from falling or other accidental damages. It also keeps the vacuum cleaner within working area limits.

You can easily operate it by plugging it with your laptop or computer. When you have installed the provided software, its IP camera works to get information in audio and video form in order to access G182 via internet. Robot vacuum cleaner wanders around your home to see who is there. So it’s also a detector. It does not require any human touch for operation. It keeps working and cleaning your home until the battery charging finishes, then it automatically comes to the docking station to get recharged its battery.

The G182 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect choice to keep your floor and carpets clean even without any human touch and without having to lift your finger on it. It is equally useful for home and office users. You can put your orders from anywhere in the world to get this latest technology vacuum cleaner. Quality conscious vacuum consumers will not hesitate to pay $494.78 for a unit of G182 vacuum cleaner. If you buy more units, you can get cheaper rates.




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16 03 2010
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thx for sharing

19 03 2010
Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

Nice Stuff! Thanks for sharing.

26 03 2010

A highly recommended product for busy people.

27 03 2010


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