Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger for a Better Summer Time

24 03 2010

Have you started preparing for the summer that is a few weeks away from now? Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger has arrived to add fun and comfort to your summer. It is a lounger with nice look that will also enhance your living style.

Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger will surely add comfort and relaxation in the hot summer day when you want to go outdoor and enjoy the natural cool environment. Bottom of the lounger holds foot-rest lever that helps you to rest your feet on it. Moreover, it helps to reposition the lounger that best suits you according to situation. Foot Propelled Lounger can be set in two stationary positions, upright and reclined. It is done by making changing in foot lever’s position. If you set it on upright position, you lie straight on the lounger. By setting it on reclined position, you get your feet raised above your heart. This position helps to increase the blood circulation inside the body and make relaxation throughout inside. This feature holds a good advantage by medical point of view.

Though it is not and electronic machine or a gadget, but it holds capacity to make your summer time much more comfortable and relaxing. Mesh fabric is used in its material that keeps you cool by providing fresh air and you don’t feel close. It is easy to carry it with you anywhere you go. So bring the Foot Propelled Rocking Lounger at your home just for $199.95.




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