Toshiba UX600 LED TV with Built-in Wi-Fi

27 03 2010

Toshiba’s latest electronic innovation, UX600 LED TV has just announced a few days back. New Toshiba UX600 TV is coming in three different sizes of 40, 46 and 55 inches. It comes with interactive features and outstanding picture quality and unlimited entertainment. It does not support to connect with internet but also holds built-in Wi-Fi that makes it prominent among other LED TVs. The UX series includes 40UX600, 46UX600 and 55UX600.

UX600 LED TV screen has 1080p of resolution. It enables you to experience great features and standards of new application and all demanded entertainment. It can save downloaded movies in Movie Library that keeps capacity to save over 3,000 HD movies and watch them anytime. You can create personalized channels for the data of your interest such as music and it is possible with audio applications including Pandora.

It is a Net TV, so you can access your social network contacts (including Facebook and Twitter) and some video and image services (like YouTube, Flicker and Picasa). These features make Toshiba UX600 TV more prominent from other LED TVs and increase the chance to get good market share.

Toshiba UX600 series LED TV will be available to the customers from next month. Prices are $1,399.99 for 40UX600, $1,699.99 for 46UX600 and $2,499.99 for 55UX600.



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