Artificial Pancreas for Diabetes Patients

31 03 2010

Artificial pancreas is a latest technology which is developed to help diabetes patients. It automatically controls diabetes with blood glucose balance by postulating alternate endocrine functionality of healthy pancreas. Pancreas performs various important functions like exocrine (digestive) and endocrine (hormonal) functions but due to lack of insulin production these functions are disturbed. In this situation the patient needs substitute for pancreas. There are two purposes for artificial pancreas:

  • Improvement in insulin replacement therapy until glycemic control is practically normalized as affirmation by prevention of hyperglycemia.
  • To provide an ease in the burden of therapy for insulin-dependent.

Artificial pancreas is first time used by scientists at London to improve blood sugar control in diabetes patients.

Way of Working

Artificial pancreas has a small monitor and pump with tube to deliver insulin. The diabetes patient wears matchbox-sized monitor and similar sized pump along with a tube to deliver insulin into body. Artificial pancreas is developed to deliver insulin in patient with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which body loses its own ability to make insulin. The bodies of type 1 insulin patients become unable to break down sugar properly and if this problem remains untreated then blood vessels and nerves can destroy; organs fail to work and finally patient dies.

This device can manage type 1 diabetes through gradual process. This device can check patient’s blood sugar day and night. This device can provide better performance than any other conventional pumps that can deliver insulin at pre-set rates and kept blood sugar levels around normal for 40% time as compared to 60% artificial pancreas. Artificial Pancreas is available at an approximate price of $ 20000.




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