Cravendale Magic Milk Jug

12 04 2010

Cravendale team has created a special milk jug that can alert you when milk has soured. This special jug has a PH sensor at its base that can measure the PH acidity of jug’s composition and shows whether milk is fresh or sour on LCD screen. This magic milk jug enables you to judge when probably your milk get sour and prevent the wastage and throwing away of milk. Experts assert that this new invention can save 330,000 tones of milk which are thrown away every year by British households. Cravendale magic milk jug will reduce this British milk lake. The milk turn sour due to bacteria and the unique PH sensor measure the PH acidity of jug’s contents and update drinker via milk turns sour or not through an LCD message screen.

The LCD screen discovers “Fresh” or “Sour” milk and analyze the drinkability of milk so that you cannot experience sour milk again. This magic jug has an alarm system that alerts the drinker when the milk has soured.




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