Mertz Active Vision Robotic Head from MIT

16 04 2010

Mertz is an active vision head robot which is designed for analyzing scalable learning in social context. This robot is designed with the inspiration of human infants learning behavior through observation and imitating other people. Mertz has been designed to place in public venue for long periods of time for consecutive interaction with people and incrementally learning about various correlations. For example the robot can learn to correlate objects and people with frequently articulated phoneme sequences, differentiate among people and their intercommunication habits, learn how to dislikes some people who tend to agitate robot etc.

Mertz has newly gone through a series of experiments where robot is interacted with many people at different public spaces in “Stata Center”. These robots are commonly designed to see what it would be like if robots can display facial expressions. The head of this robot looks like an outlandish baby head rather than a handsomer face. The purpose of this robot is to check the robots expressions like how the robot will react to humans instead of testing human’s response. This robot is capable of 13 degrees articulation in its neck alone. This robot is the creation of “Lijin Aryananda and Jeff Weber” at MIT Media Lab.




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