Crystal Lipstick Mouse

26 04 2010

Crystal Lipstick Mouse is an attractive handy mouse which is shaped like lipstick. It is decorated with genuine “Swarovski” crystal and fits neatly in an attractive carrying case. This mouse is actually a pretty decent idea for businesswomen. Miniature mouse has a pouch which actually makes it pretty purse friendly. This mouse can connect to your PC or laptop through wireless and has a miniature metal wheel that allows you to scroll through documents with ease. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that charged through USB port and once it fully charged it will last for whole day.

Features of Crystal Lipstick Mouse

  • Computer mouse in lipstick shape with genuine “Crystallized” Swarovski elements
  • Metallic scroll wheel
  • LED that indicate low power
  • Rechargeable via USB connection
  • Size “24.8 x 82 x 17.6mm” (0.97 x 3.22 x 0.69)
  • Its weight is 23.7g
  • It takes power through “Lithium battery”
  • Its battery can approximately last for two weeks if used 1.5 hours a day
  • It has wireless connection with 2.4 GHZ about 3m for PC
  • It can be used on window2000, XP, Vista and 7
  • It also has a pouch and a carrying case

Crystal lipstick mouse is an attractive designer item and is ideal for use in constrained spaces like coffee shops. It can make your desk more stylish. This mouse is available in three colors like white, pink and black. You can purchase this mouse in $118 through online shops.




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