Nokia – Yahoo, A Cool Deal

26 05 2010

Yahoo! Inc is preparing a deal with Nokia Corp. and they have signed the contract for their cool strategy to enhance their mobile internet offerings.

As Yahoo has already been popular chat and email service mostly in Asia but through this deal they want to extend the scope and presence in these countries. In the same way, Nokia is one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers that are trusted by public for their reliability and excellence. This is the quality that attracted Yahoo! Inc. to make business deal with Nokia Corp. This deal is an attempt to develop the popularity and use of Yahoo services on Nokia phones that is most preferred item of every phone user in Asian countries. Yahoo! Inc. believes that through this strategy they would be succeeded to make the Yahoo mail and chat service like a household feature to everyone and they would be able to gain more penetration in more areas where it is not much developed. Moreover, it is a cool idea to take back the position with their competent i.e Google and Apple.

Though it is really a solid market strategy to Yahoo! Inc. but Nokia Corp’s concern seems dubious yet. Nokia is the competent of world’s most popular mobile phone company Apple Inc., RIM and Google and they strived a lot in highly competitive innovative smartphone market. Let’s wait and watch what if they get to make good approach in partnership agreement with each other not.




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