Pakistani Court Lifts Ban on Facebook Today

31 05 2010

After a ban on Facebook that lasted for 13 days, today morning Lahore Pakistan court lifted ban on Facebook. This ban was modified against the blasphemous cartoon of Prophet that was offensive to Muslims. Many other major social networking and database sites were also restricted protestingly. Some of those were lifted after few days of the objected event. Later on, Facebook apologized and removed the event from the site but Facebook remained banned throughout the period. Tt greatly influenced the reputation and worth of Facebook all over the Muslim world that had been the big part of Facebook communities.

Secretary of ministry of information technology, Najibullah Malik told that Pakistani High Court has lifted restriction on the Facebook from Monday, May 31. Though it was not seen working till the early morning, but it is expected to be active on the day.

These 13 days provided a golden opportunity for the Pakistani IT engineers who launched a clone of Facebook, that they named as MillatFacebook. This is the first social networking site of Pakistan designed by IT engineers of Lahore. It has most of the feature common with Facebook.




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