Scarab: A Self-driving Electric Police Pursuit Vehicle

8 06 2010

Scarab car is one of the best inventions of present era. It is a self driven car, just like K.I.T.T from Knight Rider and this car is just amazing like shown in movies. You can say there is no driver sitting behind the wheel to look after the street. Scarab works just like an officer with speeding vehicle with radar, gun and chases the target.

The main aim of Scarab is to reduce the casualties in fast speed police chases. I must say that I am not comfortable with these robot cars that already create causalities; to me it is not reliable strategy to depend on the robot behind the wheel.

If we come toward its benefits then it is designed in such a way to become eco-friendly with zero-emissions. It is purely electric vehicle and their batteries get charged when it is not chasing any bad boy.

I have not any clue about how a Scarab is going to stop a vehicle. The designer, Carl Archambeault didn’t place any weapons on it.  But this is a difficult question if you want a robot with weapons.



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