Japanese Sky Cycle Roller Coaster is Pedal Powered

11 06 2010

You might remember Kolelinia who is famous for making travel with attaching bike to a rail and pedal over the traffic. This news was spread like fire all over the world.

You will love to hear about Sky Cycle Roller Coaster. Yes it is in Japan’s Washuzan Highland Park and passengers can enjoy this coaster through pedaling. This roller coaster has not any super loops or anything crazier. The side-by-side pedal powered cars look great with cute pink baskets.

One of the amazing information about roller coaster pedal powered is that the loops in roller coasters are gravity powered, and the passengers keep in the car due to centrifugal force rather than the bar that grip them in.

We can say it is an extreme pedal powered roller coaster, but from safety point of view it is best in all concerns. According to me, extreme pedal-powered roller coaster will always see the light of day longer than the Kolelinia. Still, it is never in futile to dream.




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