Solar Airship

15 06 2010

Industrial designer, Thomas Rodemeier has done fantastic job by giving concept of dubbed the Airship Traveling. It is the substitute of having movable living-modules and other designed features including closed loop structure in form of an airship that guarantees top level of comfort and flexibility.

The airship can hang the air and can also give the chance for long term stay on the ground. For landing the airship arranges its telescopic anchor-foot that is safe on the land, as lifting gas stays the ground aloft. In this state the airship rotates automatically around the fulcrum to a favorable air direction.

For long term, the aboard helium is replaced with oxygen. The living-space and the bottom part can be improved for use. The airship features display of solar panels has increased their roofs that produce all the energy to this movable hotel needs. This is one of the best advancement in the latest technology.



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