Monster’s Clarity HD Modular In-Ear Headphones

24 06 2010

If you are full of life and love colorful things then definitely you will go for the Monster’s new Clarity HD Modular In-Ear Headphones. These multifunctional headphones come in many beautiful colors, But for me bold red look awesome. With having good body and looks it also capable to have multiple uses than just listening to music, grateful to Control Talk. It allows you to make phone calls on your phone and even control iPhone/iPod playback.

The HD headphones are called best for listening to high quality music and other content from an iPod, iPhone or also the brand new iPad. Whenever you buy the latest in-ear headphones you will find ten pairs of Monster’s Super Tips. These headphones also support listening music during walk and jogging because these headphones comes with super Hooks and it make them safe while moving around. It is expected that it will be in the market in this coming September. It is not so costly and approachable for everyone. It will be out with the cost $ 199.



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