New Samsung Vibrant

1 07 2010

Do you hear about the Samsung Galaxy S? It is one of the ideal handsets. It comes in different unique styles. The latest T- Mobile edition is just amazing and you will get all features in a single device. You can watch TV, maintain your bookshelf, enjoy listening music, movie library, play games on its excellent gaming system and of course you can say that it is really a smart phone.

Some of its great entertainment features are that it works as collector’s edition for popular games; for instance, for Avatar movie it contain 2GB microSD memory card. It runs Android application with using which you can read 600,000 books. It is a Mobi TV with live and on-demand TV features that makes it more superb.

The Vibrant has 4 Super AMOLED touch screen display that is responsible for its bright, sharp color and it is applicable on playing game, watching movies or reading an e-Book. It is one of the most entertaining mobile currently in US.

Samsung is working with 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor, six-axis sensor. If internet is available then it goes well with T-Mobile’s super-fast HSPA+ network.




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