HERB for Household Chores

2 07 2010

Many women hate to do household work, so there is good news for those women because HERB is going to solve all their problems.

HERB is the abbreviation of Home Exploring Robot Butler. This project is designed by Intel and it is capable to do some fundamental home jobs, for instance, clearing the table, serving meals, dish washing etc.

The manufacturer of HERB has done a great job by designing this technology. You can save your energy and do lots of other work. HERB is the best way to save time and women can enjoy their lives and spend quality time with their family and their personal activities as well.

If you want to take a soft drink from the fridge, just ask HERB; it will drop the can in your palm without extending your hand.

Every woman can enjoy with HERB because at night when you are sleeping, it can clean your entire kitchen for the next day. The era is not far away when robots will be able to do all chores for us and make our life more comfortable and lavish. I will definitely love HERB for household chores.




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