Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale

5 07 2010

Sometimes our luggage gets extra but we have no idea about it. When we go to the airport we often feel embarrassment for the extra charges of our extra luggage. You can avoid this situation and save your money for extra luggage from the airlines. You can check your luggage weight at home by yourself. Is it amazing? But the question is how? So there is a wonderful invention by Balanzza with the help we can measure our luggage weight by our self.

So be ready from home with the help of Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale, it is really helpful for everyone. This device is not much expensive, you can get it from £19.99 and you are able to know about your luggage weight. What you have to do is just fasten your luggage to the strap, hold it from the scales and get a reading through its screen. It is switchable between lbs and Kgs and really save you from being embarrassed. It guides you what things are necessary and hope you can save money and can spend it on other matters. Be informed that it has a utmost weight reading of 44kg or 111lbs.




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