Countertop Display Tells You Recipes

6 07 2010

I think you may hear about the smart fridge that tally the food in fridge and also tell you what recipes you can make from them.

This system is called Oasis system. Intel is planning to use the same technology and place it on the kitchen counter that can help you a lot in making many new recipes. For example hitting the piece of the beef on the counter will show nutritional facts. This is due to the Pico-projector that is on the counter.

While putting any potato or green pepper on the counter, you will get lots of new recopies and if you place the entire ingredient then it will show recipes with videos as well. If even you don’t know cooking then you can learn a lot from this device in your own kitchen.

I like this technology very much but it should not be restricted to kitchen only, it should also come for different other work like it should have the ability to detect the pills and also suggest which pills is used for what purpose. There are lots of ideas that can lead to technology advancement.




One response

6 07 2010

This is cool . Keep going.

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