Facebook acquires social site Hot Potato

21 08 2010

Facebook has bought Hot Potato in a move that could assist further its move into location-based services. Hot Potato is a Brooklyn-based company with a mobile app that joins news feed and location-based features.

Hot Potato declared the deal but did not show the purchase price. Hot Potato has declared it on its blog.

Aspire of Hot Potato is to let the people share what they are doing with friends and attach with other people doing the same thing. People visit the page and select the beginning of a sentence such as “I’m attending…” or “I’m listening to…” and then fill in the rest of sentence. After it they join a group of people who have posted same ideas. Group is able to ask questions and share photos.

Users will able to make new categories by writing a whole sentence following “I’m.”

Hot Potato has blocked signing up new users. Its existing users will have to download any information and content that they want to continue. In about 1 month, Hot Potato plans to delete all user data and won’t transfer it to Facebook. People can also connect their profiles to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.




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