New Line of Chic Wireless Mobile Mice

27 08 2010

Microsoft has announced a new Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series. It is presented with 6 different designs that fit with the method people work today. According to Microsoft, its new patterns are inspired by the places in which they will be used by the people, for instance a coffee shop, around the house or in a park bench etc. These mice will be able to fit in with described environments.

With the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 “pink” Special Edition, Microsoft donates 10% of the selling price to Susan G. Komen for the heal of breast cancer. The mice are estimated at price of $39.95 per piece.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Blue Track Technology allows people to use their mouse on almost any surface including granite, marble, rug and wood.
  • Two-color battery light indicator informs regulars when it is time to replace the battery.
  • Snap-in Nano transceiver gives the choice to regulars to leave the transceiver plugged into the computer or conveniently store it under the mouse.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology gives regulars a confident wireless link.
  • Ambidextrous design and rubber side grips provide comfort and durability anywhere it is used.




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