Nvidia’s Laptop Graphics Cards to Boost Web Browsing

3 09 2010

On Friday, September 02, 2010, Nvidia has proclaimed 7 new GeForce series graphics cards for laptops in order to give parallel-processing abilities to speed up web browsing and 3D image representations.

Ken Brown, Nvidia spokesman said, “The new graphics cards will be around 40% faster than the earlier 300M series at execution of tasks.”

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome have implemented or will soon include the ability to relieve of tasks such as representing of HTML 5 or Flash video content to graphics processors.

Graphics processors can draw more power than CPUs, which can have an effect on battery life of laptops. Nvidia’s graphics cards support new switchable technology named Optimus, where precise tasks like video rendering can be faultlessly switched between the CPU and GPU. The GPU kicks in only when required, saving laptop battery life.

Nvidia refused to remark on the power drawn by the new graphics cards, citing company policy. The company in the past has taken accuses for weak packaging material used in its graphics chips that directed to laptops overheating. Those issues have been resolved for a while, Brown said.

Further than Web browsing, the graphics cards will give a better gaming experience. The graphics cards will support DirectX 11 that is Microsoft’s latest graphics technology included in the Windows 7 OS. The new contributions comprise the GeForce GT 415M, GT 420M, GT 425M, GT 435M, GT 445M, and the faster GTX 460M and GTX 470M graphics cards. The cards will be obtainable only through the PC makers. Nvidia did not remark on when the laptops would become available. The graphics cards will be offered through PC makers including Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba. However, prices for the graphics cards are not revealed.



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