Announcement of Toshiba’s CAMILEO P20 and CAMILEO S30 Full HD Camcorders

6 09 2010

This week Toshiba has unveiled a couple of new additions to its line of CAMILEO i.e. CAMILEO P20 and CAMILEO S30, the lightweight and 1080p-capable. These models are introduced to add full touchscreen controls to the already HD-capable S20 that these replace. CAMILEO S30 and P20 offer light weight, simple video recording.

Both camcorders take 1080p recording and high quality stills, and offer easy YouTube uploads. Both camcorders are fully supported to 1080p full HD video capture with 10X digital zoom. An out port named HDMI, a SD card slot for up to 64GB of storage, and touchscreen controls. The S30 model is about 0.7-inch thick. This model will be capable of taking 8-megapixel resolution images with automatic exposure control and image stabilization. P20 will come with a pistol grip and able to capture 5-megapixel images.

The CAMILEO S30 has a variety of colors to select including black, deep blue, burgundy red, raspberry and silver. The S30 will be in hand from January 2011 for £139.99 (US $215) and the P20 will be obtainable from October 2010 for £119.99 (US $185).




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