Laptop Tips – Get the Most Out of Your Battery Power

8 09 2010

If you are using laptop, by knowing the right tricks, you can maximize the battery life of laptops. Some matters like, the way of charging your battery, the conditions in which you use and store your laptop and the way you have your energy saver preferences etc. These all have an effect on how long your battery will last and how well it performs. I’ve got few tips and hints to maximize the life of your laptop. I want to share these tips with you.

Some tips are here:

  • Display draws a lot of power therefore turn down the brightness. Screen can also be set to go blank after a short period of inactivity before it actually goes to sleep.
  • You should set your machine to automatically go to sleep after a short period of inactivity and set the laptop to hibernate when the lid is closed.
  • Audio play, video streaming and especially CD playing use a lot of power from laptop. If you want to have music in the background while working, you should use separate media player like an iPod.
  • Be careful to keep your laptop battery cool. When batteries get hot, they are more prone to down. For this purpose, you should keep the vents clear and don’t put the laptop on a fluffy pillow that will cover and trap heat.
  • Also be aware of scheduled tasks like virus scanners that are set to run in the background. Fix their time duration to run that your computer is likely to be plugged in.
  • While working on laptop, you should take a notice of unnecessary tasks. You should shut down those unnecessary tasks running on background. Similarly disable components that are not needed.



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