Ottawa Triumphs World Festival and Event Award

17 09 2010

The City of Ottawa is recognized as a world-class festival and event city. Every year the City of Ottawa offers almost 200 permits to festivals and events that comprise festivals, fairs, sporting and cultural revels. OIAF (Ottawa International Animation Festival) ends up with the highly anticipated closing ceremonies apprehended this evening in Gatineau at the museum of Civilization. Winners of the official competition were announced by the organizers for the duration of the ceremonies.

The International Festivals and Events Organization offered Ottawa a 2010 World Festival and Event City Award for the apex North American entry in the 500-thousand to one million populace classes. The ‘World Festival’ and ‘Event City’ Award is designed and fashioned as a way for the global festivals and events industry to candidly encourage and recognize optimistic local environments for festivals and events.

This year, event apprehended in October 14-18 and it was a tremendous success with sold out workshops, packed screenings, high profile networking events like Television Animation Conference and the Recruiting Fair.

The Festival has a special adjudicators made up of local kids to pick the Best Short Animation and the Best Television Animation made for children.  This year kid’s jury integrated:  Tallie Doyle, Tegwyn Hughes, Jamie McCormick, Felipe Bemfica, Isabelle Birchall, Aditya Mohan, Paris Mullin, Quinn Murphy and Eric Ding.




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