China to launch Second Lunar Probe

28 09 2010

In accordance to state media’s statement, China could launch its 2nd moon orbiter “Lunar Probe” in coming October. The rocket carrying the Chang’e-2 will go into orbit within 15 kilometers of the moon.

Chief designer of Chang’e-1(the country’s first lunar probe) Ye Peijian said, “It will orbit 100 kilometers (62 miles) closer to the moon and be equipped with better facilities. We expect to acquire more scientific data about the moon with increased accuracy.”

Chief program engineers have reached in the City of Xichang at the satellite launch centre to complete final tests. They said that due to some complications, launch could come on 1st October.

Chang’e-2 is named after a famous Chinese goddess who soared to the moon and has an enhanced transportation capacity. Its camera also has a higher resolution than its predecessor.

A report said that scientists eventually plan to construct an observatory on the surface of the moon. China’s first lunar probe was launched in October 2007.




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