Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 range

12 10 2010

Microsoft is world’s largest computer software company. It has launched its new service of smarphones range to beat the success of Apple’s iPhone. This company actually wants it new operating system and WP7 to return its mobile business back. This company also competes with the Google that offers Android phone software. Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer address at the launch event on Monday in New York and said “Everybody should be able to take a look at Windows Phone and say it can represent me.”

Microsoft Company is hopeful for the major phone and mobile companies will propel to back their mobile phones to the mobile market. The new phones of Microsoft are available on the T mobile market in Britain while in US it is available in AT&T. Prominent features of this product of Microsoft are:

  • Colorful Touch-screens
  • Tiles for easy access to e-mail
  • Web music
  • Other applications

Ballmer also told that this phone will be available in 30 countries from 80 mobile operators. The first model of phone will be available at AT&T in November 8 priced at $200. 7 handset models of Windows phone will be released in Britain in coming month including three from HTC and Dell venue Pro. Microsoft has its share of 5% in the global mobile market




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