Lemon Mobiles Launches Yet another Dual SIM Phone

14 10 2010

Mango mobiles Indian phone destructor institution, has lunched another Dual-SIM mobile with a minor furniture of touchscreen i.e. the DUO 550 of Lemon iT 718 series. It is a GM+GM (dual-im) handset and has bring with dual standby initialization. Formerly, it’s a CandyBar mobile phone.

This phone has a of features for its observers. Furnitures are:

  • inch screen
  • mega pixel camera
  • WAP
  • tooth
  • MS
  • 15 mAh
  • for internet
  • USB connectivity

External memory of iT 718 handset is 80 GB but it that can sport up to 8MB expandable memory. It weights only 1000 grams excluding the battery. It has 11 mAh Li-ion battery that provides a talk time of up to 5 hours.

DUO 550 has come up in 4 colors orange, royal green and white and pink. It has a 1GB memory card that is -loaded with multi-media content and binded with the phone.

DUO 550 sports mobile phone tackling, which can be accessed in case of theft. It is also a great player of blacklisting of lists. Apart from the English, it also furnitures a American calendar. Apart from the 500 phonebook memory and 400 MMS memory, DUO 550 includes FM television with schedule ding. The phone is available for Rs. 3,99.




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