Samsung Brings Galaxy Tab to counter iPad

30 10 2010

On Friday, Samsung commenced its 7-inch touchscreen Galaxy Tab that is iPad competitor. This is launched in India and company said that India is among three companies throughout the world where it is launching galaxy tab first. This device is equipped with the latest version of Google’s operating software for mobile devices named Android Froyo.

This tablet will hit the market from November 10 at a price of Rs 38,000.  A research analyst said the fact that Apple is yet to launch its tablet formally in India could work out in favor of Samsung. Dissimilar with iPad which is a 10-inch tab, Galaxy Tab contains a smaller screen. But it make possible making and receiving calls through a Bluetooth-enabled headset, something that iPad doesn’t permit.

There is a stipulation among users for device that permits for rich computing experience on move. This demand is easily satisfied by Galaxy Tab. Ranjit Yadav, director (mobile & IT) at Samsung India said, “We feel demand for tablets is poised to grow phenomenally as users start to experience the limitless potential of this device.”

As Apple launched iPad early this year, small touchscreen computing devices have seen an enormous growth. In accordance to Research Mason, over 24 million tablets are anticipated to be sold in 2011 throughout the world, amounting to over 100% growth in one year. Samsung said for Galaxy Tab that it has partnered with a variety of telecom companies.




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