Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile at Price $699

1 11 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile is a highly anticipated tab and is available at price $699. This mobile is available from for pre-order. Amazon is claiming that it has already sweetened the deal with $50% discount and $699 is reasonable price for an average customer.  Galaxy Tab is going to be released on November 10th.

This mobile has a tiered data schema with rates of $25/month for 200MB. The “unlimited plan” is limited to 5GB speed on data transfer is $40/month. Samsung Galaxy Tab has a number of advantages and these benefits make it an appealing option for consumers over Apple’s iPad. First advantage of this tab is that it is running Android that is enough good reason to many people to choose it. Secondly, a smaller screen is more desirable for customers and this tab is well equipped with this feature. It has a 7-inch screen as compared to the iPad’s 10-inch screen. Here small means lighter and more portable. It is available with a higher pixel density than the iPad therefore much easier on the eyes for readers. Its excellent camera result can well estimated by having a look on picture shown below.

Lastly, Galaxy Tab is well equipped with some of the basics that Apple has yet to release on the iPad where first and foremost is multi-tasking, or switching between apps without having to quit one at a time. This tab is also come up with two cameras, one in front while the other in back. This is a feature that is recently released in Apple’s iPhone 4 and still unavailable on the iPad.

If you are thinking to buy it then you can pr-order it now for shipping in a time of one week as describe earlier that it is available on Amazon for pre-order.





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