Zombie Mobile Virus Costs Users $300,000 a Day

12 11 2010

A virus as an antivirus application is affecting countless mobile phones in China. It let the hackers to take control of the phone. Then, it started to send infected links to other mobiles using the mobile contacts. This virus is Zombie virus and has been infected a million mobile phones.

Chinese media has reported that as a minimum 10 other applications parallel to the one having this Zombie virus have been noticed since Sep 2010. With a one more trouble, antivirus softwares can’t detect these malevolent viruses.

Most viruses just spread using clicks and the worst thing that occurs is that one has to run some antivirus software. Zombie software is costing phone owners a pretty penny, about $ 300,000 per day by adding the malicious issue of this bit of malware.

A question arise here that what can one do to avoid a virus like this while travelling?

  • One should not open suspicious links in text messages, event if those are from someone he knows.
  • Obtain pre-paid phone plans so that if SIM is in use of a isolated hacker, there’ll be a fixed quantity of messages sent prior to one run out of cash on your account



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