Nokia Presents Officially Nokia X2-01 | Nokia C2-01 | Nokia X2 | Nokia C3-00

23 11 2010

Nokia has officially brought two new terminals, Nokia C2-01 and Nokia X2-01 while supporting the tradition of making and offering mobile devices lucrative as well as rich in services. These devices are not necessarily directed to those consumers who look for a big potency in all kinds of services but are simple introductory instruments of certain functionalities for those who never had the chance to experience them in advance. Amazing thing about these devices is that these are available at very reasonable prices.

Nokia C2-01 is presented with traditional design “candy bar” while focusing on the youngest users. Youngest users are doing special emphasis in the fact of talking each other about the mobile phone 3G more economic about Nokia with reproduction of audio tracks while, Nokia X2-01 emphasis more on the social networks with GPRS/EDGE. GPRS/EDGE is compatible with edges. Both devices provided with a few cameras that offer the minimal significant functions.

Nokia C2-01 while executing the operating system Series 40 makes connectivity 3G to those who could not have enjoyed it in advance for talking each other about devices of an economic top worth. This device contains in its traditional design:

  • A keyboard T9
  • A camera of 3.2 megapixels with the ability of capturing images of an acceptable quality that can be visualized on a screen of 2 inches

The resemblance with the model of the range C of the Finnish manufacturer it makes us to undertake that it could be directed to a section of economic market. Yet, for the time being Nokia has not stated himself officially on his throwing of action.




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