Samsung Launches 4 New Smartphones in India

25 11 2010

Samsung electronic equipment and handset maker released four new Smartphones in Indian market on Wednesday. Three of this series are under its Wave series namely:

  • Wave 525
  • Wave 533
  • Wave 723

One is from Omnia series and its name is Omnia 652.

This new line of smartphones is available with the price range of Rs 8,800 and Rs 13,500. These handsets strengthen Samsung’s commitment towards enhancing and democratizing the smartphone experience in India.

The handsets of Wave series are based on Samsung ‘Bada’ operating system and Omnia 652 is based on Windows 6.5. This new series has come with:

  • GPS-enabled
  • 3.2 inch QWVGA touchscreen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • 100 MB internal memory that is expandable up to 16 GB from a free 2 GB card

This new smartphone range contains eight phones with Android, bada and Windows podium.




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